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    Hello everyone and welcome to my digital home. My name is ileso DMC and I am an aspiring author with the help of some wonderful people to get me to this point. You are probably asking, “What kind of name is ileso?” Well for starters it is my pen name with a special meaning. Aren’t all pen names created with special meaning? Once we get to know each other, you will know what that is.


    Within my digital domicile, you can take a quick little tour. It is not a very big site but at this point simplicity is easy on the eyes. While being a fabulous guest, you will find information about my projects and additional clues to what type of person I am.


    So let’s get a little personable, shall we? I have been writing since 2013. It is an interesting story on what got me started but let’s save that for another time. I currently do my writing in the blistering environment of San Diego. Things can be harsh here. Winters are sometimes flashed with liquid snow. The summers are ravaged by the ocean breeze (even though I do not live that close to the beach). Let’s not talk about gas prices, property taxes, or cost of living because I want to stay in a good mood. Hahaaa! But I am being for real.


    One thing I will tell you. I believe in investing in your future. By that I mean eating healthy. Take care of your heart and mind. You cannot finance time because your time is already on a loan. With that, I am a firm believer in New Year’s Resolutions. Subscribe to my newsletter and I will tell you all about it. Now don’t let me paint this picture of me as being a fitness buff because I am no such beast. I need to work on myself more than what I am currently doing. Feed your belly, not your taste buds. Eat well.

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    My New Book

    My book happens to be my first love child. I often reference the process of writing in terms of pregnancy. It is very emotional, many changes along the way, and a lot self discovery. I named it The Request for Lambency. It is a science fiction young adult novel about a 16 year old girl who leans on the help of some nerds while evading a corporate giant and an undisclosed government agency. Why is she evading them? Because of a certain partially uploaded video of a light phenomenon (the Request) that takes place directly after someone dies. No one understands it but everyone has their own assumptions. This book is about trust when there is no other option, the fate of human curiosity, and the spiritual interpretation people believe the Request represents.

  • ileso DMC the Author

    ileso DMC is a new face to the world of Young Adult genre. He hails from San Diego. The YA category has always fancied him as he believes he still has not grown up and at this point does not see any relevance in doing so. He still makes mistakes, has his fears of heights and spiders, and sometimes does not speak out when he should. ileso believes in superpowers, other worlds, inner worlds, as well as a higher power. And if we want to get personal, his favorite color is orange. It represents the beginning of the day as well as the end. As a result, he finds himself being thankful for a lot of things in his life. Thus, ileso has taken it as a personal endeavor to help those less fortunate and struggling. Children who need their meals paid for at the school cafeteria, families who need some help with the electric bill, grandmas who need some assistance with their medication…the focus is on them and those alike.


    Even for writers who have great ideas but do not have the means to express it, this is for you too. A portion of what he receives from his books will go to help those in need. And why not? Everyone needs some help along the way. ​ileso did. He would not be here without the support of his family and friends. He does not have a lot but what he does have is a late 90s SUV, an early 2000s motorcycle, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Have.to.have.hand sanitizer.

    About ileso DMC's Writing

    ileso’s writing ambition began in 2013 when he was speaking with a friend about a movie that is yet to be made. This spawned his interest in writing this movie idea onto paper. He literally wrote it on paper. And after constant strikethroughs and chicken scratches (and not able to read his own writing), he upgraded to thumb pecking on his tablet. And yes, it was much easier to put ideas on digital paper.


    He revised the manuscript several more times and put it to rest. Then in spring 2016, another story came to mind, and he decided to commit to that one instead. And this is how The Request for Lambency (not the original name by the way) came to be. The book was completed in the fall of 2016 and revised at least seven more times of which ileso grew tired of the revision process but understood its painful purpose.


    That arduous ‘walking on legos barefooted’ process took him through all of 2017. He put that effort to rest December 2017 as he believed he had gone as far as he could. In January 2018, ileso had another story pop into his head of which he planned to commit to completion. By April 2018, he decided to add more stress to his writing prowess and pushed to publish The Request for Lambency while working on his third manuscript. At this point, he found Ms. Catherine Storing as a writing coach, who has been proven to be a force multiplier. Her services magnified the literary cinema in this manuscript. By the end of summer 2018, ileso completed his third manuscript (the first draft, that is).


    Now wholly engaged in the publication and marketing of his future spawn (and yes, ileso refers to his book as his spawn - doesn’t every author do that?), he continues to add to the growing toolbox of required knowledge in order to improve on his overall skills as well as exploring other gifted authors’ concepts and methodologies.

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